Protein Calculator – Calculate Your Daily Protein Requirements

Do you want to know how much protein your body needs? The Protein Calculator will help you calculate the amount of protein that your body requires, based on age, weight and activity level. You can also adjust the inputs to see what effect it has on your daily requirement. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to maintain or build muscle mass!

Protein Intake Calculator


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What Is Protein, and What Does It Do?

Protein is one of the three major nutrients (along with carbohydrates and fat) that make up our food. Protein has several roles in our body, but most importantly it builds muscles!

How Much Protein Do I Need?

The amount of protein you need per day varies depending on your age, weight, height and activity level. To determine your protein requirements, you can use the Protein Calculator.

The Protein Calculator will ask for your age, weight and height as well as how active you are on a daily basis to determine how much protein is required by your body per day. This calculator also allows you to adjust these inputs if necessary so that you can see what effect it has on your daily requirement.

A few things to note: – Protein requirements are usually higher for adults who exercise regularly and have muscle mass, compared with those of the same size and age that don’t work out or have a lot of body fat. – This calculator determines your daily protein needs based on an average person’s physical characteristics as well as their activity level. – If you have a medical condition or disease, talk to your doctor about how much protein is right for you.

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