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Estimated Fertility Dates
Estimated Fertility Dates
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Estimated Conception Date
First Trimester Ends(12 Weeks)
First Trimester Ends(12 Weeks)
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Second Trimester Ends(27 Weeks)
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Estimated Due Date(40 Weeks)

What Is The Pregnancy Calculator?

The Pregnancy Calculator is the best tool for excited and first-time moms, it will answer the most important question of all time- When Is My Baby Due?¬†With our amazing tool, you can easily find out the due date of your baby, the conception date, fertility dates, and your baby’s growth in the first and second trimesters.

Being pregnant is going to be the most memorable time of your entire life, filled with great memories, with tears of joy. It all starts with small changes in your body, sometimes even your period is late. If all goes well, then that is an indication of pregnancy.

Preparing for when the baby will arrive is really exciting and also challenging for the parents and family. A fetus grows in the mom’s belly for around 280 days, we can also round it off to 9 months or so, sometimes babies are also born prematurely though.

Estimated Fertility Dates

You may be asking yourself the question, What are Fertility Dates? These are dates when fertilization can occur successfully, meaning that if you have sexual intercourse during those dates then the majority of the chances are that you can get pregnant.

Estimated Conception Date

This is the day when fertilization completes successfully. Scientifically speaking, this is when the sperm is connected with the egg. When this happens, the zygote grows bigger and divides fast that forms a new organism, this is the start of pregnancy.

Finding the conception date is very easy for women that track their ovulation. If a woman’s menstrual periods are regular, and with that being so the ovulation starts at the end of the second week that is the 14th day then conception will take place two weeks after her last menstrual period (LMP).

For example, if you had sex on Friday then chances are that you can get pregnant by Wednesday. After the sexual intercourse, sperm can live in the vagina for 5 days and the egg can live up to 24 hours after being released.

What Are The Trimesters?

Pregnancy is going to be divided into three trimesters, each trimester consists of three months, and that tracks down the growth of the baby. The lengths of the trimesters are as follows:

  • First Trimester: From Week 1 to Week 12. Chances of miscarriage or disability are the highest.
  • Second Trimester: From Week 13 to Week 28. Symptoms like darkening of skin or body aches may occur.
  • Third Trimester: From Week 29 to Week 40 (Delivery Date). There may be shortness of breath, tender breasts, or even trouble with sleeping.

What Is Estimated The Due Date?

The estimated due date is a date used to predict the day of labor. Did you know that only 4% of babies are born on the estimated due date? Keep in mind that this is just an estimation, it can change as every woman is different.

Due months is also a term used to relieve the stress levels of moms, it predicts the month when their baby will be born, this is like a reassurance to the moms that their babies will be born on time, although this is something that can change too.

In order to find the due month, just subtract or add 2 weeks to the estimated due date.

Estimated Due Month: Estimated Due Date +/- 2 Weeks

How To Use The Pregnancy Calculator

Using the pregnancy calculator is very easy, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Enter First Day Of LMP

In order to get started, all you have to do is enter the first day of your last menstrual period. The calculator will do the rest and find out all the information for you.

What Will Be The Results?

Upon entering the information required correctly, you will be given a variety of different results. These are the results that will be provided:

  • Estimated Fertility Dates
  • Estimated Conception Date
  • Trimesters
  • Estimated Due Date