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What Is The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator?

After taking the pregnancy test, the result came positive, you are beyond excited and can’t wait for your baby to arrive. That is when these due date calculators come into play, these calculators will help you find out how many weeks you are pregnant and when is the due date for the baby’s delivery.

How To Use The Due Date Calculator?

Using the due date calculator, just follow the steps mentioned.

Step 1: Enter The First Day Of Your Last Menstrual Period

In the first step, you have to enter when your menstrual period started. Just type in the date and month and you will be good to go.

Step 2: Enter The Cycle Length

In the last step, you have to enter your cycle length. A normal cycle length lasts between 28-31 days.

What Will Be The Results?

Upon entering all the required information, you will be given a variety of results. You will be given the Gestational age, what the due date will be, and how much time is left until the due date.

What you have to know about these calculators is that they just provide estimates. Every woman is different thus the cycle length will differ and due dates can also differ. Some women may actually give birth prematurely or even after the due date.

What Is The Gestational Age?

After getting the results, you must be wondering about the Gestational age, what exactly is it? This is a type of method to find out the age of the baby during pregnancy.

The time between the date of conception and the date of birth of the baby is known as Gestation. It is measured from the last menstrual period to the current date, the time is measured in weeks.

A normal pregnancy lasts between 38-42 weeks but you need to know that every woman is different and this time period could change. If a baby is born without the 37th week then it would be considered premature.