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You must ask this question yourself many times, “When is the most likely that I can get pregnant?”. Now you can get a precise answer to that question, but first, let us explain a few things to you.

What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the process when a healthy egg is released from the ovary during a menstrual period. When the egg gets released from the ovary, it travels down to the fallopian tubes, this is when the womb prepares the body for a fertilized egg. In simple English, this is the period when a woman can most likely get pregnant.

The person can only get pregnant if that egg is fertilized by the partner’s sperm. During the ovulation period, more than one egg(s) are released so if more than one egg gets fertilized (by sex) then it means that the person can become pregnant with more babies.

Although if you miss this opportunity and don’t get pregnant then the egg is reabsorbed into the body, this lining then passes away as a period. After the egg is released, the period cycle will start between 10 to 16 days. You have to keep in mind that ovulation does not occur for everyone every month. We will get back to this again!

How To Use The Calculator

The above-mentioned calculator is very easy to use. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned and you will get your results in no time!

Step 1: Enter The First Day Of The Menstrual Cycle

Enter the date when your menstrual cycle began.

Step 2: Enter The Cycle Length

Enter The Cycle Length here. These are the number of days between the first day of bleeding of one period and the first day of bleeding of another period. The average cycle is of 28 days although it may vary from being 23 days to 35 days.

Step 3: Menstruation Duration

Enter your menstruation Duration. This is the duration of the last period cycle that you had.

Step 4: Number Of Months To Calculate

Enter the number of months you want to know about the fertile window. You can range the window from 1 month to 12 months.

Tips To Find Fertile Window Quickly

There are some certain tips that you can follow to keep better track of your fertile window. Check out the following tips:

  • You can try keeping a diary or a note of your menstrual cycle
  • Use an ovulation predictor test kit
  • Look out for pain indicators, sometimes there could be unusual tummy pain or breast pain, they usually depict the ovulation cycle
  • Check for changes in your body temperature that are out of the ordinary
  • Notice your sex drive

Important Notice: These tips may vary from person to person so keep that in mind before using them to check your fertility window!