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You may have heard of the term ovulation and fertility calendar, but do you know what it is? Your cycle starts with your menstrual period that usually lasts for 5-6 days. During this time, your uterus sheds its lining from when an egg was not fertilized during the previous month. The next phase in a woman’s cycle is known as “follicular” or “proliferative” phase which typically occurs about 14 days after the start of menstruation.

This stage ends at ovulation. The final stage in a woman’s cycle is called luteal or secretory phase which begins after ovulation and lasts until her next menstrual period begins again. Ovulation can be predicted by monitoring changes in body temperature, cervical mucus

The formation of a calendar with dates of ovulation and favorable days for the conception of a child will help to plan the date of birth and the astrological sign of the child. The menstrual period varies from woman to woman and from month to month. Fertility and Ovulation Calculator to help determine the time of ovulation and the most favorable dates for conception.

With this calculator for calculating the ovulation date and the fertile period, it is possible to plan the pregnancy and the date of birth of the child.


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