Target Pulse Rate

Calculator of Target Heart Beat


What Is A Targeted Heart Rate?

Have you ever wondered what a targeted heart rate is? In order to get the best possible workouts, the heart rate must be at a specific intensity, only then is the person able to lose a lot of calories. An intensive heart rate will allow you to lose weight properly and also lose the calories.

How To Keep The Heart Rate In The Targeted Zone

There is always a question on everyone’s mind when they are exercising- Are they doing enough or not? With a target heart rate, they can easily hit the sweet spot and have amazing workout sessions where they lose a lot of calories. Your every step, every lunge, every squat, and every stroke of the weight is going to count when the heart rate is at the maximum.

What’s A Resting Heart Rate?

There is a lot of confusion for when it comes to a resting heart rate, let’s clear it out. A resting heart rate is the number of time your heart beats per minute when you’re resting. When might be the best time to check a resting heart rate?

The best time to check a resting heart rate is when you get out of bed after a good night’s sleep! Just after resting for a while you would be able to check your heart rate properly.

How To Calculate Targeted Heart Rate?

Calculating target heart rate is very easy, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Enter Resting Heart Rate

The first thing that you have to do is enter your resting heart rate. You can check that the moment you get out of bed after a good nap.

Step 2: Enter Your Age

In the second step, you have to enter your age.

Step 3: Enter Desired Intensity

In the third and final step, you have to enter the intensity of your heart rate, how you want it to be.

What Will Be The Results?

Upon entering all the information correctly, you will be given the desired heart rate that you should have for a great workout. The target HR Zone could vary from 100-200 Beats Per Minute (BPM), it all depends on what you want. We made a guide for you, so that you don’t have problems finding the desired target heart rate.

Age Target HR Zone 55-85% Average Maximum Heart Rate
20 100-170 BPM 200 BPM
30 95-162 BPM 190 BPM
35 93-157 BPM 185 BPM
40 90-153 BPM 180 BPM
45 88-149 BPM 175 BPM
50 85-145 BPM 170 BPM
55 83-140 BPM 165 BPM
60 80-136 BPM 160 BPM
65 78-132 BPM 155 BPM
70 75-128 BPM 150 BPM

Imortant Note: It is always recommended that you exercise within 55-85% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes to get the desired results. Anything more than that would become difficult and dangerous.