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Crown Rump Length

What Is Crown Rump Length?

With our interactive Crown Rump Length Calculator, you can get to know the fetal age and even the duration of early pregnancy, but before we get to that, we must discuss what Crown Rump Length is!

Crown Rump Length (Also Known As CRL) is the distance between the head of an embryo and the buttocks, this measurement is used after the 8th week of conception or during the 14th week of pregnancy. To be on the safe side, between the 8th and 14th week is the main time period for this assessment.

Why Is Crown Rump Length Important?

After knowing what Crown Rump Length is, you might be asking- Why Is This Important?

The Crown Rump Length is used to measure the Gestational Age of your baby, as first-time mothers cannot hold their excitement to know the age of their babies. Other than this, the CRL is the most effective and efficient way of estimating the baby’s age, a doctor compares the CRL to the last menstrual period.

How To Use The Crown Rump Length Calculator?

Using our calculator for the CRL is very easy, just follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Step 1: The Duration Of Pregnancy (In Weeks)

Here, you have to state how long you have been pregnant. It will be stated in weeks. The CRL measurement is between the 9 and 18th weeks of pregnancy.

Step 2: Assign the Measurement Scale

In the last step, you just have to state the measurement scale of your choice.

What Will Be The Results?

Once you have entered all of the information correctly, the Crown Rump Length will be shown in centimeters. With this tool, the main functionality of the CRL is actually in cm.

What Happens Next?

The moment you get confirmation of your pregnancy, there will be feelings of excitement, you might also feel a bit tensed but that is completely normal. It is important to visit your personal doctor after this for consultation. A gynecologist will be able to better determine the baby’s gestational age after this information.

Your Personal Physician Might Ask Or Do The Following:

  • Ask About Your Last Menstrual Period
  • Perform A Thorough Ultrasound
  • Physical Examination and Compare With Past Results¬†

It is recommended to visit your personal doctor as soon as possible! There should not be any delays.