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Find Child gender by using parent’s blood type

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Child Gender Predictor

With our Gender Predictor, you can easily find the gender of your child by using the blood type of the parents. Since we have listed down numerical representations of blood types, let us explain them for you:

Blood Types:

  • 1: Blood Type O
  • 2: Blood Type A
  • 3: Blood Type B
  • 4: Blood Type AB

Now you might have a clear idea about the blood types and can get perfect results. Sometimes, when it comes to new parents they want to find the gender as quickly as possible, they don’t keep on guessing. With the information of this calculator, they can make future arrangements, like preparing a room or getting clothes.

How To Use The Calculator?

Using this calculator is very easy, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Father’s Blood Type

Here, you have to state the father’s blood type. You can use the blood type index.

Step 2: Mother’s Blood Type

Here, you have to state the mother’s blood type. You can use the blood type index.

What Will Be The Results?

Upon entering the blood types of the father and mother, you will be shown the gender of your baby. There are chances that the estimation could be wrong, as there is always room for error. Although our calculator has been spot on.

An Example: If both the father and mother have a blood type of the 1st category then the gender of the baby would be male.